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My Great Employee Management System

Manage Your Employee Needs In One Place



My Great Employee Management System is a selection of modules designed to help you manage your HR needs and keep you on the right side of the law.

Employee Module

All the information about your employee you need in one place. Attach contracts and other documents to the employee’s records. Easy access to all the information you need in one place.

Attendance and Holiday Module

Clock in and out system. Attendance reports. Track holidays, leave requests and authorisation. An accurate record of holidays taken and the balance for the holiday year.

Support Ticket Module

A system for your team to report IT issues or equipment failures. Keep track of support requests and set service levels.

Expenses Module

Employees can log their expenses for you to approve. Run expense reports.

Notice Board Module

A place to post important updates and information for your team. Easy access to all the information you need in one place. Advertise your vacancies internally on your jobs board. Employees can apply from their profile. Can link to external jobs boards.

Awards Module

Recognise your great employees with an awards system.

Task Module

Make employee reviews and appraisals easier. Track tasks and record progress. Use during reviews to allocate new tasks and check progress. Managers can allocate tasks to employees.

Message Module

An easy way to send messages to your team members.

Self Service Employee Module

This system allows employee to: request leave, update their tasks, check notices, send messages to their colleagues, submit expense claims, and check out and apply for internal vacancies - or share them.

Payroll Module

Prepare all the data for your payroll.

SMS Module

Quick and easy team communication.

Legal Support

Advice to help you when it all goes wrong.

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Remember when you first started out in business? It was just you, doing what you do best. You maybe had a few people to support you.

I remember my first time. I built a data-base using Microsoft Access to keep all the team’s details in one place. Nothing fancy, but better than scraps of paper! Then we realised that legally we had to give everyone a contract, so I drafted these, and kept the signed copies in a drawer.

Job descriptions? Well we didn’t need them as we all just mucked in to get the job done. All great stuff, till we started doing things twice, or sometimes not at all. All because somebody would say no one’s doing that – so we all piled in! Working remotely didn’t help either.

Sometimes we were so busy we forgot to speak to each other. A chat in the pub covered the need for appraisals and reviews, so there were no records kept of what goals we agreed or timescales. In my experience, this is how everyone starts off.

I’ve gone through the growing pains of developing a business more than once, and soon realised that one of the most useful tools for all entrepreneurs is a place where all our HR resources can be gathered together. Where we can easily share information and track what the team are doing.

I looked around for existing HR software options. These did exist, but at a price. Often you had to buy in different modules to build up what you needed. They were often clunky and not always user friendly.

If you did want a more bespoke system that accurately reflected your business, the cost would sky rocket. Even with the businesses I work with now, the options really haven’t changed very much.

What has changed is the technology. It became apparent that I could build what I was looking for myself. When I say myself, I mean a rockstar developer took my vision and made the perfect HR system a reality.

Wendy Sneddon. Business coach, author and creator of GEMS

Three Steps to HR Heaven

1. Tell us what you want. We personalise your system to match your needs.
2. Send us an Excel spreadsheet with your team’s data. We upload all this into your system and make sure it all works as it should.
3. We do a day of training along with access to online training modules to dip into as you need them.

Lodestone Lounge

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." We like to think Groucho Marx would make an exception in our case!
We know that it can tough as an entrepreneur to deal with the daily challenges people bring to your business.
Having my GEMS will ensure you have everything you need to manage your team, we have set up Lodestone Lounge to provide you with support in putting your system into place and with all your people problems.

All of this is available from one online portal. Set up is incredibly easy.

What Clients Are Saying.

Don't just take our word for it

"I can't believe how much more
organised I am now I can set tasks
and keep an eye on how the team is
doing without being in the office."

John Dunn
Managing Director

    "Great support team
      and the system is so easy to use!"

HR Manager